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Name:Skies of Nowhere: Players
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T H E  H A T C H I N G
Suddenly, it's bright.

White morning light pours down from above you, reflecting with a bright glare off the hatching sands. You cover your eyes, reel in disoriented shock, and look around to try and get some idea of where you are. There's no one else here -- just you, and a few other equally confused people in an unsteady line, and rows and rows of empty stadium seating.

Across from you, there is a large circle filled with eggs that stand two to three feet tall. Maybe it's just the heat, you think, but it looks like some of them are rocking.

Then one of them cracks open.

You've arrived in time for the Hatching, straight from your home world with no warning. You don't know anything. There's no one to tell you. All you can do is roll with it and try to think about what to do next -- when there's time to think, that is.

T H E  I S L A N D
You've been plucked from your own world and now are stuck here on this island with no way to get off. You're responsible for sustaining yourselves -- and your newly-Impressed dragonets, which are completely dependent on you.

The first order of business is survival. Food. Water. The needs of the dragons.

But what then?

Q U I C K  L I N K S
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